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The exclusive online certification program for the iPersonic personality assessment

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iPersonic Academy is based on a free and not time-limited online course comprising 30 lessons.

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The iPersonic Typology Explorer is an interactive tool that will help you understand iPersonic.

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Get your Certification as an iPersonic Practitioner in a convenient online exam right from your computer.

Career Coaches and Teachers

iPersonic Career Profiles have helped people in more than 90 countries to develop their careers. As a career coach or teacher you can benefit from customized content for each of the 16 iPersonic types including a database of more than 900 in-depth job descriptions.

Human Resources Professionals

iPersonic Pro with its simple and accurate personality profiles is the perfect basis for staffing and recruiting. And it helps to empower your teams and develop their strengths. And it's multilingual: iPersonic Pro is available more than 20 languages.

Sales and Marketing Professionals

Research and information concerning consumer behavior shows that two of its influential factors are personality and motivation. iPersonic is being used by sales teams to better understand their customers and top develop custom-tailored marketing strategies.